BHE Renewables owns 1,484 megawatts of solar-powered generation.

Topaz Solar Farms
Topaz Solar Farms is a 550-megawatt photovoltaic power plant in San Luis Obispo County, California. The project reached substantial completion in 2014.

Solar Star Projects
The 586-megawatt Solar Star development, two co-located photovoltaic projects in Kern and Los Angeles counties in California, was complete in 2015.

Agua Caliente
BHE Renewables owns a 49 percent interest in the Agua Caliente solar project in partnership with NRG Energy. The 290-megawatt photovoltaic power plant, located in Yuma County, Arizona, was completed in April 2014.

Alamo 6
BHE Renewables acquired the 110-megawatt Alamo 6 solar project – which is located in Pecos County Texas – in January 2017.

Community Solar Garden Projects
BHE Renewables is developing 96 megawatts of community solar garden projects in Minnesota across 28 individual projects.

BHE Renewables’ solar projects foster economic development while demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmental respect. The company is emerging as an industry leader in solar energy generation ownership and continues to develop its portfolio with noncarbon resources that bring economic, environmental and financial benefits to stakeholders.

BHE Renewables’ solar projects help create local jobs and bring capital investment, property tax revenues, and other economic benefits to local communities, including job opportunities in other sectors, such as transportation and manufacturing. The company is dedicated to the communities where its projects are located and works to meet community needs by supporting local events and initiatives, hiring local workers, offering educational benefits for local schools and universities, and providing information about the projects and the benefits of solar energy.