Power Resources, Ltd. (United States)
Generation, Cogeneration
The Project
The Power Resources facility is a natural gas-fueled cogeneration project located near Big Spring, Texas. Power Resources has a net capacity of approximately 212 megawatts, and is located near some of the largest gas fields in the United States and traditionally the country's lowest gas prices.

The Power Resources facility is owned by CE Generation, LLC and is operated by Falcon Power Operating Company, an indirect subsidiary of CE Generation.

Fuel Source:
Natural gas
Big Spring, Texas, U.S.
Date of Commercial Operation:
June 1988
Approximately 212 net megawatts
Electricity Purchaser:
EDF Trading North America, LLC.
Interconnection and Transmission:
Two gas turbine generators (General Electric)
One steam turbine generator (Hitachi)
Two heat-recovery steam generators (Deltak)