Saranac (United States)
Generation, Cogeneration
The Project
The Saranac facility is a natural gas-fueled cogeneration project in Plattsburgh, New York. Saranac’s net capacity is approximately 240 megawatts. Saranac has an agreement to sell electricity to the New York Independent System Operator through EDF Trading North America, LLC and steam to Georgia-Pacific Corporation. The project also sells natural gas transportation to New York State Electric Gas Corporation and Georgia-Pacific Corporation through its wholly owned North Country Gas Pipeline. Saranac is strategically connected, via the 22-mile North Country Gas Pipeline, to TransCanada's gas transportation network.

Performance History
Since commencing commercial operation in 1994, Saranac has demonstrated availability in excess of 95 percent.

The Saranac facility is owned by CE Generation, LLC and is operated by Falcon Power Operating Company, an indirect subsidiary of CE Generation.

Fuel Source:
Natural gas
Plattsburgh, New York, U.S.
Date of Commercial Operation:
June 1994
Approximately 240 net megawatts
Electricity Purchaser:
EDF Trading North America, LLC
Steam Purchaser:
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Gas Supply:
Shell Canada (now Coral Energy) is the main supplier
Two gas turbine generators (General Electric)
One steam turbine generator (General Electric)