About Solar Energy
MidAmerican Solar’s virtual tour of a solar farm provides detailed information about how solar farms operate and the benefits they provide to local communities. Learn about the history of solar-powered energy generation, how sites for solar farms are selected, how photovoltaic technology is used in solar panels, and how solar farms generate electricity and deliver it to homes and businesses.

Every year, MidAmerican Solar receives a number of requests – from government agencies to schools – for use of the video to showcase solar energy and its benefits. If you would like to use our virtual tour at your special event, email mediahotline@midamerican.com for permission.

About the Virtual Tour
Select a numbered icon to take a tour of each phase of the solar farm. To see all phases from start to finish, select Grand Tour.

For clarification of terms used in the tour, view our Glossary of Terms.

Explore the history of solar power. Learn how a solar farm site is located. Discover how sunlight is converted into electricity. Learn how solar cells are grouped together to create electricity. Explore the components of a solar farm. Learn how the application of the sun's power is a part of everyday life. Learn how the natural light of the sun is used to generate electricity for homes and businesses.