Yuma (United States)
Generation, Cogeneration
The Project
The Yuma cogeneration facility uses natural gas as the fuel for its turbine and efficiently produces energy in two forms – electric and thermal (steam). The exhaust from the gas turbine waste heat that would otherwise dissipate into the atmosphere is recycled into a heat recovery steam generator (boiler) and high-pressure steam is produced, which drives the steam turbine. Then, a portion of the steam is extracted and delivered to the thermal host – an industrial entity located adjacent to the power plant – which uses the steam for processing and cooling. This method of utilizing steam that has already performed useful work increases the efficiency of the plant and maximizes fuel use.

CalEnergy Generation's Yuma cogeneration plant provides approximately 50 net megawatts to San Diego Gas & Electric Company under a 30-year power purchase agreement and provides steam to Shaw Industries Group, Inc. under a steam sales agreement.

The Yuma Facility is owned by CE Generation, LLC and is operated by Falcon Power Operating Company, an indirect subsidiary of CE Generation.

Fuel Source:
Natural gas
Yuma, Arizona, U.S.
Date of Commercial Operation:
May 1994
Approximately 50 net megawatts
Electricity Purchaser:
San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Steam Purchaser:
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
Interconnection and Firm
Transmission Agreement:
Arizona Public Service Company
Natural Gas Supply and
Transmission Agreement:
Southwest Gas Corporation
General Electric